About Us  

Macro incorporates Macro Corporate Pty Ltd, Macro Capital Limited (AFSL 392401) and Macro Fund Services Pty Ltd.

Macro was established in February 2004 by its founders Peter Morrison and Steve Dixon.

In its short existence Macro has developed a number of key business relationships which are establishing it as a recognised participant in many sectors of funds management.

Our Business

Macro Capital Ltd (“Macro”) combines the experience, reputation and skills of its founders Peter Morrison and Steve Dixon to form a funds management business with a charter built on integrity, quality of investment and service to its clients.

Macro’s funds management business extends across many sectors of funds management as the founders have extensive experience which extends into most aspects of funds management. Peter Morrison and Steve Dixon have 32 and 25 years experience respectively within the funds management arena.

Macro recognises the importance of building relationships with groups who have complementary skills. To this end Macro has established relationships with a number of key business partners, which provides Macro with involvement in a diversified range of financial products.

The aim of Macro is to build an enduring funds management business based on its charter values. The core strength of Macro is the extensive funds management experience of its founders with a bias towards investment management, financial, compliance and investor service and reporting.

Macro was originally set up by Peter Morrison and Steve Dixon and Held an Australian Financial Services (AFS) licence number 254421. Ownership of this AFS licensing entity was transferred to AACL Holdings Ltd as at 10 November 2009. Macro Funds Limited is now known as AACL Funds Management Ltd. Macro Captial Limited now holds AFS licence number 392401

Macro’s recent equity fund raising activities:

Malaga Market Trust $8.25 million January 2005
LEX Retail Property Trust $18 million October 2005
2006 Grain Co-Production $9 million June 2006
LEX Property Fund $32 million March 2007
2007 Grain Co-Production $22 million June 2007
2008 Grain Co-Production $40 million June 2008
2009 Grain Co-Production $4 million June 2009
2010 Grain Co-Production $2.26 million June 2010