Business Relationships  

Macro has developed a number of key relationships within various sectors of funds management.

The following are present relationships:

Property Syndication Business, currently operating two property syndicates.
Responsible Entity for unlisted property trusts which initially has key opportunities through relationships with the franchisee for IKEA stores in Perth and Adelaide.

Macro provides compliance services in respect to the Peters MacGregor Global Fund.

Ganes Investment Management is the investment manager for the Ganes Value Growth Fund.

Forager Funds Management is the investment manager for the Forager Wholesale Value Fund.


Past relationships/transactions:

Macro assisted Mosaic Portfolio Advisers Limited in the development of their asset management business in 2004 and provided operational administration services from 2004 to October 2012 for up to 14 managed funds.

Macro was the responsible entity for a number of Grain Co-Production Projects with AACL as the project manager. The Grain Co-Production concept was developed by AACL as an innovative product that enables investors to participate in the Australian Wheat Industry as Growers by investing in Co-Production Units. Grain Co-Production offers benefits to Farmers as it enables progressive and expanding farmers to spread their risk and provides assistance in meeting the capital cost of expansion.

SGC Securities Pty Ltd

Macro was the arranger for the issue of units in the respect to an offer in November 2007 made to sophisticated investors for the issue of 8.5 million units in the Regional Property Development Fund 1. The Fund Manager was SGC Securities and the funds raised were to acquire a 2.59 hectare site at Karratha which included a tavern. The site was to be developed into serviced and residential apartments

45 Park Nominees Pty Ltd

Macro was the arranger which issued an Information Memorandum on behalf of 45 Park Nominees Pty Ltd for the issue of units in an offer made to sophisticated investors in August 2011. The offer was for units in the 45 Park Investment Unit Trust to raise a maximum subscriptions of $9 million. The trust held the 45 Park Terrace Gilberton SA property, with a proposal for further development of the site.

Landsdale Property Pty Ltd

Capital raised: $8.0m
Macro was the arranger for the issue of ordinary shares stapled to unsecured notes, which were subject to an Information Memorandum dated February 2014. The offer was to raise $6 million in ordinary capital and $2 million in stapled unsecured notes. These funds were used along with bank finance for the development of 4.12 hectares of land into a residential subdivision located in Landsdale on Hepburn Avenue.

MAC Group Pty Ltd

Capital raised: $2.0m
MAC Group, a residential property development and construction group, appointed Macro as the arranger for a $2 million capital raise in June 2015.

GC Capital Pty Ltd

Capital raised: $15.0m
Macro was the arranger in respect to the offer of ordinary paid units in June 2015 for wholesale investors to invest in the Cockburn 500 Unit Trust. The Trust was formed to acquire Lot 500 Armadale Road, Jandakot WA with the intention of commercial development.

Eden Corporate (previously Viridian Asset Holdings Pty Ltd)

Macro entered into a service agreement to provide licensing, administration and registry services from May 2014 to February 2015 for its wholesale managed investment fund - Viridian Value Fund.

Super Smart Property Pty Ltd

Macro provided accounting, compliance and Responsible Manager services in support of Super Smart Property’s financial services and property related activities to establish, operate and promote property based investment opportunities to wholesale clients.

Fat Hen Ventures Ltd

Macro provided services to Fat Hen for capital raising activities. Fat Hen is a crowd funding entity, seeking to obtain an early entry advantage into the Australian crowd funding space.

Dunmore Dairy

Dunmore is a dairy farm based in the Scott River region on the South West of Western Australia. The farm has a 60 stand rotary dairy and a carrying capacity of 1,000 milking cows. Macro has, in conjunction with the owners of the business and executives from the milk processor, completed extensive financial analysis of the business. Operational financial models have been developed to assist in the on-going management of the business. Assistance has also been provided in discussions with Australian and international investors interested in taking an equity position in the business.

Through this work, Macro has developed an in-depth understanding of the dairy industry in Western Australia.