Business Strategy  

Macro will continue to produce its own funds management products and it will also work with business partners where skills complement each other in the establishment and operation of a variety funds management products.

Macro has the ability to develop product within many sectors of funds management, particularly property, investment funds and agricultural sectors.

Macro has identified that there are a number of parties (e.g. property owners, property developers, financial planning firms, asset managers) that have quality assets, skills and product ideas that are attractive to the investment markets but are prevented from entering the funds management industry due to the considerable barriers to entry. These barriers include the difficulty in meeting the standards necessary to obtain an Australian Financial Services Licence and the cost of acquiring suitably qualified people with industry experience.

Macro has the experience and expertise to:

• Obtaining all necessary licences

• If the investment vehicle is a trust, acting as the Responsible Manager of the Responsible Entity

• Preparation of the necessary financial models and the completion of product due diligence.

• Preparation of all Product Disclosure Statements / Prospectus documents and other fund raising documents.

• Submissions to banks and financiers and the conduct of negotiations.

• Submissions to underwriters

• Obtaining professional indemnity insurance

• Liaison with Independent Research Houses

• Co-ordination of fund raising

• Provision of all on-going administration for the Responsible Entity (including accounting, compliance, reporting, valuation, registry etc) and the investment vehicle, be it a trust or other vehicle.